Tradewind Cargo


London, Paris, New York, Calstock (but mainly Calstock)


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Tradewind Cargo is a small company based in Calstock, Cornwall with a fun and beautiful approach to bringing unique and quality products from the producer to the customer, with care and minimal environmental impact.


From organic and biodynamic wine from France, tea from the Azores, rum from the Caribbean, coffee and chocolate from South America. Each stage of the process has care at its heart.


We work with Transoceanic Wind Transport in Douarnenez, Brittany to source the very best organic and biodynamic wine, with muscadet from the Loire region and beautiful clarets from the Bordeaux region.


None of the wine travels more than 30km by road – some is even delivered to the quay by horse and cart!


In Douarnenez the wine is loaded by hand on to the Cornish trading lugger  ‘Grayhound’ and sailed to Plymouth – this sailing trip can take anything from one to seven days depending on the weather conditions.


The cargo is them transferred to one of our own smaller luggers – either Veracity or the Spirit of Mystery and sailed up the Tamar river to Calstock

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Importing quality products under sail and oar